Nov 4, 2014

Nick Jones - Mr Instrumentalist

I am happy to be a part of this great video and CD cover by providing my art, music by Mr. Instrumentalist (AKA Nick Jones), CD Title: Tales in Sound, "click below image to follow the link",

Featuring the paintings of Teresa Dominici

Here's the first of a collection of compositions that I created when I was inspired by the beautiful paintings of Teresa Dominici. I call this one "La Bella Artista".
Teresa is an artist living in California and her acrylic paintings reflect on landscapes and scenic places around the world. I was blessed to have Teresa send me some of her magnificent paintings as she loves my music just as much as I love her paintings. My music is inspired by the beautiful landscapes so our art makes a great connection.

For Nick Jones, Mr. Instrumentalist, born in Wichita, Kansas and whisked away to Houston, Texas at the age of 2, Mr Instrumentalist considers himself a native from Houston. As a musician he is self taught and has a unique fingering style on the keys.

Mr Instrumentalist does all of the writing, cinematography, editing, graphics and narration and of course, the original music.