Nov 4, 2012

Scott James

Raised in Thousand Oaks, California, once 17 year-old Scott James discovered his passion for music at an early age, there was no turning back.  As a natural on the piano, he also picked up the “much cooler guitar” and quickly developed his skills with the instrument.  Scott began writing and performing songs at the age of 12, garnering local buzz for this talent and cementing his place on the music scene as a young musical prodigy.
“There is something about music that clarifies life and allows me to express my feelings in the most honest way.  It’s hard to describe, but I know my life would be empty without it,” said Scott.  "I am inspired by all different types of music, but I've never known how to describe my specific sound.  I feel that music defines itself,” he adds.  Mature beyond his years, Scott has developed his craft to create a unique sound that is entirely his own and the excitement on this songwriter, vocalist and performer continues to build quickly.
Songwriting and performing have always provided Scott a creative escape, allowing him to convey multiple emotions and seamlessly blend layers of pop, rock and blues into his music.  Influenced by Bob Dylan, John Mayer and Jeff Buckley, Scott is still exploring the unpredictable path that music has taken him on and remains extremely focused on writing.  Most recently, he finished recording six highly anticipated songs.  Life’s ups and downs have inspired the genuine and relatable lyrics that can be heard on these new tracks, which showcase his impressive vocal and guitar talent. 
Scott’s accomplishments and determination have earned him accolades from the press and the industry.  Internationally recognized vocal coach, Roger Love, who has worked with Scott and a long list of chart-topping artists, commented: "In a very few years, Scott has grown from a guitar prodigy to an incredibly promising new artist.  His vocals sing with a uniqueness and passion that touches all age audiences.  His lyrics speak of a heartfelt, troublesome and insightful path through life.  I look forward to watching him work as hard as it takes to achieve the music popularity he craves and deserves.”  Grammy-nominated producer Joe DiBlasi, who produced Scott’s soon to be released EP Destinesia, has said of Scott“I don’t think I’ve heard another 16 year-old that has near the same amount of passion in his playing.”
With a solid, growing fan base and shows across the US and in Europe, Scott’s guitar and vocal prowess are paving the way for a successful music career and a lifetime of powerful songs.  Scott James is an up-and-coming musician you just can’t miss.

 Scott James - Garden (Official Music Video)

Garden Official Music Video by Scott James. Garden is a new original song from the upcoming EP 'Destinesia' by Scott James. Download this song on Scott's music website:

"Garden" is the first of six new original songs (and the first song I've recorded on piano rather than guitar) that I will be releasing over the next few months. Please connect with me through one or all of the links below so that you will be notified of all release dates.

"Destinesia" is defined as "when you get to where you were intending to go, you forget why you were going there in the first place." I love this word because the meaning can run shallow or deep, depending on the circumstance each of us is dealing with. Listen to GARDEN and you will see why it fits perfectly on my Destinesia EP.

Song written and performed by Scott James.
Produced and engineered by Joe DiBlasi at The Cave in Woodland Hills, CA.
Mastered by John Vestman at Vestman Mastering in Westminster, CA.

Video directed and produced by Alexander Blackmon ( and Trevor Thompson (

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As I woke I was lying in the garden
How did I arrive?
Cannot see what's beside me
This should blind me
But it feels so right

Might I stay?
Darling might I stay?
I'll stay a while

As I walk on the garden's ground, so quiet
But a stride is found
Feel the pedals beneath my stride
And my senses, they have revived
They revived

Might I stay?
Darling might I stay?
I'll stay a while

Might I stay?
Darling might I stay, for a while?
A while
For a while?

As I search for that single crux—how did I arrive?
Oh God, how did I?