Feb 20, 2012

César Dominici

César Eduardo Dominici was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in June 3rd of 1990, raised by his mother he figured out he wanted to be a musician at the age of 13, inspired by many artists such as Juan Luis Guerra, Yanni and Enya he discovered his passion in music, but just one track he heard in one of Tiesto's sets made him turn into electronic music, making progressive melodic vibes that will make anyone fall in love with the piece.
His music is a mix of harmonic sounds introducing underground tech beats having in mind that quality is important. Otherwise he has a chilled side uncovering deep melodic sounds that will induce you to explore your mind and body.
He also grew up as a DJ playing in many clubs of Santo Domingo, La Romana, Cabarete and others, his unique style will rock your body bringing you to an immerse state of euphoria during his live sets, an experience you will have to live to believe.

César Dominici latest release: