Oct 10, 2011

Nguyen Dang Thao

In Vietnam, Nguyễn Đăng Thảo was the leader of a leading band, Bách Việt which presented many concerts around Vietnam. In Australia, Nguyễn Đăng Thảo* Has performed in many concerts and festivals around Australia, Singapore and Malaysia.
* Made many recordings, interviews and live concerts for the Australia's ABC,SBS, 5UV, Radio Adelaide and 5EBI/FM
* Was Musical Director, Composer and Musician for the SBS film 'Saigon Doctor', the plays 'Life With Past Images' (CPA), 'Lotus War' (ABC), 'The Boy and the Bamboo Flute" (Patch Theatre), 'Meat Party' and ' Wild Rice' (Junction Theater), ' The Tale of Nam Xuong - Thiếu Phụ Nam Xương' (Giao chi & Footscray Arts Center), the TV documentary 'The Art of Place - Hanoi Brisbane Art Exchange (ABC & Griffith Uni).
* Composed, Arranged and performed for the Primary Schools' Music Festivals at Adelaide Festival Theater.
* Has formed and been the leader of these groups: Bach Viet, Lac Long's Mandoline Ensemble, Dang Thao Ensemble, Bamboo Ochre - World Music, Về Nguồn, Đăng Thảo & Gerard Menzel, Đăng Thảo & Ros Hewton.
* Was the member of the Multicultural Band and Dya Singh
* Has Presented Vietnamese Music and Culture in schools, universities and conferences
* Taught music in schools
* Has currently taught Mathematics and Information Technology in schools
* Has also taught music in his private class.

Dang Thao - Come Back To Sorrento / Torna A Surriento - Mandolin, Piano, Drums & Bass 


I love the Italian Neapolitan music since I was a little boy, and here I am playing a mandolin with my band. Torna A Surriento, known as Come Back to Sorrento is a Neapolitan song which was composed in 1902 by Ernesto De Curtis (1875-1937) to words by his brother, Giambattista. Thank you Terry Hewton for being the MC of my concert "Journeys In Music". The band members include Ros Hewton (Piano), Stephanie Plummer (Drums) Xuan Thuy (Bass), and Emily Biggs (Tambourine)