Oct 29, 2011

Luiz Santos

Luiz Santos was born in the USA and grew up in a musical household. Both of his Brazilian parents were passionate for music and inspired in Luiz a love for different rhythms. When he started playing drums at the age of 9, Luiz demonstrated talent well beyond his years.
While living in Rio De Janeiro, at age of 13, he started playing professionally with older musicians exploring various musical styles. Having developed his own capacity for variety, Luiz started performing with Eduardo Duzek all over Brazil, performing and recording television series for ‘Globo Network playing drums and piano.
Luiz Santos played with well known studio musicians like Arthur Maia (Gilberto Gil,Ivan Lins, Djavan, Caetano Veloso, Gal Costa, Leny Andrade), William Magalhaes (Banda Black Rio, Paralamas do sucesso), Heitor T. P.(Simply Red), Paulinho Guitarra (Tim Maia), Marcelo Frisieiro (Neil Young), Alex Rocha, Claudio Zolli (Tim Maia, Ed Motta) Aurea Regina (Mike Stern) Rafael Vernet (Ed Motta, Paulo Russo, Paula Santoro), Eduardo Neves and Xande Figueiredo (Zeca Pagodinho ).
Then Luiz Santos played with ‘Hermeto Pascoal Group’.
However, Luiz was not content just performing. His growing passion for music propelled him to become self taught instrumentalist and composer using piano, drums and percussion.
Luiz started composing and arranging full orchestral pieces, combining typical Jazz sounds with Classical and Brazilian percussion and creating unique flavors of music. He also wrote compositions for everything from Jazz to Contemporary Classical, Modern Music to String Quartets.
Luiz did tours in Europe several times when he was invited to play with 'Brazil Fusion' in Zurich, Switzerland, creating a new style that is active till this very day. From there, he performed throughout Europe, lending his talents to a number of musical projects and bands in Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Greece, Luxemburg and Italy.
Recording several CD Projects In Rio De Janeiro,Brazil. Jazz with Afro and modern fusion elements. Performing on drums and piano, mixing Brazilian rhythms, Caribbean, Chamber Music, and Jazz on CD Project of his own compositions with well known bassist Arthur Maia, Marcelo Martins alto/soprano sax and flute (Gilberto Gil, Djavan, Gal Costa etc…)
Humberto Mirabelli - guitar, Fernando Roza - bass, Fernando Trocado - tenor sax and flute.

New Album ~ Flame Of Joy ~ Luiz Santos 




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