Oct 30, 2011

Erika Ragazzi

Erika Ragazzi violinist composer arranger .
Niece of art, to 5 years participated in the Zecchino D'oro. Young took part in the selection of Violin to enter high school musical and cultural education Istituto Musicale Vincenzo Bellini in Catania, getting a good evaluation.
Erika plays intense activity concert as soloist in the national territory in which combines the classical continuous experimentation and search of new musical languages through the rock, jazz, new age, obtaining wide acclaim from critics and audiences.
She has made several recordings on CD and DVD.
Is involved in various events and is also included performances for major events, remember the show Video architectural projections "Caravaggio" Michelangelo Merisi (ARCHITECTURAL ART projections).
Many of her videos have been broadcast on Sky and program in
Italy 1 (Mediaset) Talent 1 and regional television most important.
Among other activities, concerts, Erika is also working with various orchestras and musical groups.
She is currently pursuing its completion musical studies at the Istituto Musicale Vincenzo Bellini in
Catania under the guidance of Prof. Joachim Pantò .
In processing of a new disk soloist with the songs.

Erika Ragazzi Violin Electric HD Samba Vivaldi LIVE


Erika Ragazzi violin electric Samba Storm 3rd movement Antonio Vivaldi's Four Seasons Summer Storm. Registration live. "Confetti in the Volcano" Misterbianco Catania (ITALY) August 30, 2009.
Erika Ragazzi violino elettrico Samba Storm Antonio Vivaldi 3° movimento Tempesta Estate Le Quattro Stagioni. Registrazione dal vivo. "Coriandoli sotto il Vulcano" Misterbianco Catania (ITALIA) 30 agosto 2009.
DIRECTOR entertainment: http://www.creativegrandieventi.com/
FILMING video: http://www.skylightitalia.com/