Oct 18, 2011

Ali Kozy (Ali Kose)

Born in SE London, Ali Kozy worked the dance floor as a 6 year old moon - walking to his favourite song 'Bad' by Michael Jackson. A natural joker and entertainer, school didn't come easy, until he found a music teacher who encouraged him to learn guitar. This was the beginning, a new world opened up. Inspired by Lauren Hill, Timberland, Tu Pac and UK MC's Ali started MC'ing at the age of 16, and found his artist name, KOZY, writing songs that reflect the social times in which he lives. A multi-instrumentalist Kozy now writes, records and produces his songs.
Kozy is inspired to find his own sound that unifies his artistry and a versatile vocal range that reflects his eclectic roots in soul, R&B, gospel, funk and pop. Inspired by Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones James Brown, George Michael, R Kelly, Dru Hill, Destinys Child, Ginuwine, Jon B, Baby Face, Gospel Music, Musiq Soul Child, Donnel Jones, Neyo, Eric Bennet, Glen Lewis, John Legend, Erica Badu, Rihanna, Collie Budz, Maroon 5, The Neptunes, Timberland, Aaliah, The Commodores, Sam Cooke, Mariah Carey, Robin Thike, Drake, Bob Marley, Damien Marley & most importantly life experience.
Easy going and fun, Kozy believes in helping young people to find their creative voice. Working as a teacher with disaffected young people, they set up their own after school radio station. An inspirational role model he is currently composing a track for the Olympics. Entitled ONE, after recent riot-fuelled times it promotes a message of unity. ONE LOVE, ONE WORLD, ONE LIFE. LIVE IT.

"Tell Me Boo" Original by Kozy 

Fresh New Track from The Ko-z Lab.

Feel free to remix the track & let me hear what you can do. Here's a link to the acapella:


Zyko Ent UK.