Sep 1, 2011


Zora’s music is a blend of vocal artistry and electronic fervor, encompassing multiple genres to express the myriad of emotions she experiences. Upon hearing some of her happier, carefree dance tunes, most wouldn’t think to assume that she came from humble beginnings; having to face life’s hurdles and unpredictability early on. But despite her jovial demeanor and catchy pop tunes, she has had her share of struggles, as revealed in her darker, more introspective autobiographical songs. Nonetheless, Zora’s music is a reflection of her determination to transcend adversity, as well as to leave the listener with sounds that know no limits or boundaries.

Hungarian by birth, American by circumstance, Zora’s inspiration for music has been shaped by hardships she experienced early in life. At the age of three she was separated from her father after he fled Communist Hungary in hopes of finding a better life in America. This was followed by the sudden and tragic death of her mother. In turn, at the age of eight, Zora was forced to pack up her life in Hungary to reconnect with her father living overseas in America.

Zora’s move to the U.S. was bittersweet. While it opened doors to an exciting world of new possibilities, it also left her conflicted and isolated. As first-generation immigrants, securing stable work was seldom easy, and the family often moved from state to state in order to put food on the table. By the time she graduated high school Zora had attended more than twenty different districts throughout the country. Growing up amongst kids who didn’t embrace her cultural differences, Zora also found herself being ostracized by her peers. It was during this time of instability that Zora turned to music for escape. In her bedroom, sequestered from the turmoil that ransacked seemingly every moment of her life, Zora exercised the one joy in her life that had not been stripped from her. She sang. Her gift, her passion, was her voice, a voice she came to find could channel anguish and make the world outside her bedroom fade.

Zora’s vocal abilities were recognized early on. In Budapest, she sang for a televised commercial at the age of six, and at the age of sixteen, successfully auditioned for a national singing competition. Zora found solace in singing, even at a young age. Inspired by her favorite artist at the time, Jewel, she started writing songs at the age of thirteen, when she stumbled upon an acoustic guitar thrown out by a neighbor. As the years progressed, Zora participated in numerous talent shows, “open mics” and chamber choir performances in New York and Ohio. Zora’s introduction into the professional music world was preceded by her education however, as she embraced the stability of a college education with the intention of becoming a Doctor. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and was accepted into Medical School. But it was here that Zora understood that her passion for music could not be suppressed. The exactness of science compounded with an atmosphere of the sick and the dying thrust Zora back into the arena of composition. With no room for creativity in Medical School as well as her increasing frustration with the corrupt medical establishment that exists today, she finally decided to once and for all end the internal conflict that had been playing in her head since the beginning. Zora dropped out of school to face her next big challenge in life: Pursuing her dream of making it in the music industry. Having faced mortality both inside and outside of the classroom has given her a fearless edge, which is why giving up financial stability and security does not scare her.

As she puts it. “What would be more daunting is looking back when I’m old, knowing that I did not take the chance to pursue the one thing that truly makes me happy. Cutting into human flesh gives you insight and a new perspective on life. For me, it was the realization that I would rather die than to confine that free, creative spirit and voice that’s been itching to come out for so long. I suppose I’m a bit eccentric, but I’ve come to terms with that. I simply cannot and will no longer fight that uninhibited, spontaneous, ‘bohemian’ blood that flows inside of my veins.”

From classical to electronic, Zora has had a wide range of influences, which over time have evolved considerably. She grew up listening & singing to pop albums by Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera and Celine Dion; then over the years developed an appreciation for the unique sounds of Tori Amos, Bj√∂rk, and Massive Attack. Growing up in the cities of Budapest and New York, Zora was also heavily immersed in the culture of each city; attending piano concertos, operas and musical theater productions, early on. 

Recently, Zora’s collaborations with European producers have gained her an appreciation for electronic music, including trance, progressive house, and dance music.

In October of 2010, Zora released her self-produced debut EP, “Cognitive Dissonance.” She produced, wrote and recorded the songs in about a month, just before starting Medical School. Now that schooling is behind her, Zora is currently working on her first Electronica album with producer Paul Rayner. The album will encompass elements of electronic music (fusion of DubStep/Dark Electro/Club beats) and is set for release in November, 2011! 

A self-taught pianist, Zora is also quickly gaining recognition on YouTube for her soulful renditions of popular songs. 

Having lived all over the world, from Budapest – to the Caribbean islands – to Los Angeles; Zora draws inspiration for her songs from her abundance of travels and life experiences. Change is in her blood, so living the lifestyle of a vagabond entertainer seems to fit her thirst for the new & exciting adventures that await her…

 Zora - "Synthetic Love" (Original Song, Produced by Paul Rayner) - Zora Official Music

Zora Official Music - "Synthetic Love" - Original Dark Electro / DubStep track produced by Paul Rayner.

-Music Production by Paul Rayner
-Vocals, Lyrics and Video Production by Zora

Copyright © Zora and Paul Rayner. 2011. All Rights Reserved.

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