Sep 4, 2011

Award-winning Pianist / Composer Jan Mulder sold over 2 million CD's. He performs with Orchestras all over the world.

Jan Mulder (Orlando, Florida) was born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He studied piano, organ as well as composition at the Rotterdam and Utrecht Conservatories. Since graduating in 1992, Jan Mulder composes music for his solo albums and concerts on a daily basis. His piano solo albums, recorded with the Symphony Orchestras in London and Moscow, can be heard daily on Classic FM in the Netherlands, Great Britain and South Africa. 
Jan Mulder performs in Paris, London, Amsterdam, Moscow, Brussels, Bern, Vienna, Prague, Budapest, New York, Orlando, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington, Atlanta and countless other cultural cities. Jan and Elise Mulder have three sons; Matthew, Simeon and Gabriel who as a six handed piano trio can be heard and seen on the DVD “Jan Mulder in Concert”. At one point in his life, Jan donated bone marrow to rescue his sister, Marieke, who suffered from Kahler disease, a serious form of cancer. Unfortunately, she passed away after a few months. The impact of her loss inspired Jan to compose an emotional musical work called "Lamento" which can be heard on CD. 
In 2007, Jan Mulder decided to focus exclusively on large concerts in the United States where he would perform on the piano and conduct the orchestra simultaneously. As a result of his vision, Jan Mulder and his family immigrated to the United States on July 7, 2007. Jan Mulder’s musical instrument inventory includes the largest and most exclusive concert grand piano in the world; a hand-built Italian Fazioli 308.

Jan Mulder Piano - Ocean of Dreams - Relaxing Music, Romantic Music, Instrumental Follow Jan on Facebook at and performed by Jan Mulder, Orlando, USA.
From his famous CD: Ocean of Dreams, who made it to the top 3 of best sold classical albums in Europe.

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