Aug 22, 2011

Miguel Angel Messulam

The argentine artist began his music career at an early age. His tutors being Domingo Scarafia, Héctor Rivera, José Kaplan and Aldo Antognazzi. By the end of the seventies, enjoying a fully grown career, he meets the famous musicologist and pianist Amadeo Mainero –nephew to legendary Walter Gieseking. Professor Mainero agrees to influence the artist’s pianist formation and focuses on him more interpretively, technically and philosophically following Karl Leimer’s standard

A relationship of hard work, trustworthiness, submission and full devotion that lasted six years, ended up in victory, crowned with the realization of an artist endowed with unique characteristics, utterly different, specialized in issues related to performance, pedagogy, and humanity. He acquired musical knowledge in general under the guardianship of Belgian Musicologist Dr Edgard Willems.

During his career he focused on music performance and teaching. In 2006 the CIHCE (Spanish / Latin-American Council of Educational Quality) distinguished him with the title Doctor Honoris Causa in music philosophy, ceremony that took place in the Hilton Hotel, in September of the same year, in Buenos Aires.

Moreover, in 1988 he was awarded the "First International Prize Ludwing Van Beethoven” by the “Austausches der Deutschen Kultur Ludwing V. Beethoven”, Germany. In 1987 he received the award “A. Cunill Cabanellas”, granted by the Cabanellas Foundation, aimed at developing science and the arts in the Argentine Republic.

The Roman Catholic Church also honored him with the award “San José de Plata” in 1986, honoring his work in education and the arts; ceremony where Nobel Prize Federico Leloir was distinguished in science, and world champion Alberto Demidi, in sports.

In the course of his artistic career, he visited the most important international theaters. A teacher and researcher, he created the Higher Education Career on Music and the corresponding degree, with official support. Furthermore, he worked on the creation of vast didactic material.

His hard labor and a long standing career made him worth of recognition and congratulations from members of the government , church ministers and the community as a whole.

In 2007, a senior teacher - with more than 39 years in the activity- having achieved local renown he resumes his gift for music -as an artist, going back to the stage, from where he has absented for years, having devoted to research and teaching.
Getting ready for his “Touring the Americas 2008”, Miguel Angel plans to visit the main cities in Latin America, Central America and North America, along with a program of concerts that include the classics of all times: Mozart, Beethoven and Chopin. He is currently presenting the premiere and recording of a DVD live in a concert to take place in “Teatro Broadway”, in Rosario city -his birthplace- within the framework of the celebrations for the “Week of Rosario”.
MESSULAM plays Mozart Fantasia and Fugue in C, K. 394. Part 2/2.

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