Aug 30, 2011

Grant Hooper

The origins of my guitar playing began at age 10 with private classical guitar lessons in the West Sussex region of the U.K. where I grew up.
My playing continued with the natural progression to electric and steel string acoustic guitar, but I soon returned to the softer sound of nylon strings and the rich timeless repertoire of classical guitar.
My serious pursuit of playing classical guitar took a back seat to other interests in my twenties.
Later, while living in the Caribbean, I resumed my passion for classical guitar.
I lived in the British Vigin Islands where I was able to pursue my playing and to teach guitar and music theory at the local college.
I was also fortunate to be offered the opportunity to perform classical guitar at some of the finest exclusive resorts in the region, including Peter Island, Necker Island and others on Virgin Gorda and Tortolla.
I have since relocated to the U.S. and live in New England where I continue my study of classical guitar technique and it's repertoire.

J.S.Bach Fugue BWV 998

Grant Hooper performing the fugue from Prelude,Fugue and Allegro BWV 998