Aug 2, 2011

Gabriele Tosi, Pianist

Gabriele Tosi’s is a classical pianist and composer of new age piano music, ambient piano music, soundtrack music and background piano music. In this website you can find information about the GabrieleTosi’s beautiful relaxing piano music but also about this kind of piano songs suitable for relaxation and meditation. These piano songs are an instrumental music where the piano is the musical instrument through which the classical music, the new age music, and the ambient music create a pleasant atmosphere for relax and meditation.

There are many practical applications of these piano pieces: soundtrack for a movie, soundtrack for a short film, piano music for nature documentaries, background music for advertising or a video, piano songs for TV and radio; but also new age music for meditative relaxation and background piano music to create a relaxing environment for sport, massages, stretching. These piano songs are a perfect relaxing instrumental background music and can help people to forget everyday problems. In this website you will find instrumental piano songs with some refinements, typical of classical music with beautiful melodies. This new age music is also accompanied by traditional instruments like the oboe and the orchestra's strings but also with electronic sounds typical of the ambient music and chill out music.

In the store you can buy the Gabriele Tosi’s relaxing music (available on digital distribution like iTunes, Amazon and CdBaby), and you can order the physical album or the original piano sheets. You can also send a request to have an original instrumental piano composition: filmmakers who need easy listening music as a soundtrack for film, documentaries, videos, advertising, can send a request in the section “contacts”. But also people who want an original piano song for private reasons (for details see the section “piano song composition”).

Relaxing piano music, new age piano music, new music piano, ambient music piano - by Gabriele Tosi

I  am playing my relaxing piano music, piano song "Andromeda" during a wedding in Rome. It's like new age music piano and it's perfect how relax music. Other info: