Aug 24, 2011

Dorian Lamotte

Born in 1985, Dorian Lamotte began learning the violin at age 4. After being formally rewarded with a Diploma of Musical Studies summa cum laude and a year of postgraduate study at the Conservatoire National de Region Boulogne-Billancourt, he attended the master classes of legendary violinists Olivier Charlier, Jacques Ghestem, and especially Ivry Gitlis.

An eclectic musician, he taught for a year in a conservatory in Paris, working with various orchestras (Opera de Marseille, Concerts Lamoureux...), he studied viola and conducting, then created in Paris the Festival Envolées Musicales, intended to be a springboard for young professionals of the music world whether they are performers, composers, audio engineers or luthiers.

In 2005 he joined the Orchestre de l’Opéra de Limoges and in 2007 the Philharmonic Orchestra of Santiago in Chile, all the while still teaching violin during seasonal academies or master class sessions. Always enthusiastic about new music he has created sixteen opuses as conductor and three as soloist, including Dimitri Tchesnokov’s Partita and Maxence Grimbert-Barré’s Double Concerto, both dedicated to him.

Back in France, in June 2008, he joined the internationally renowned Quatuor Debussy, in which he performed in prestigious venues around the world (Wigmore Hall in London, Library of Congress in Washington DC, Moscow Conservatory, Philharmonia of Novossibirsk , Chaillot Theatre in Paris ...). In company with this prestigious ensemble he meets new audiences and builds up artistic gateways (creation of two shows featuring dance, performances at hospitals, prisons, schools ...), he develops his passion for teaching at academies and master classes (Seattle Cornish College, Conservatory of Rennes, session Debussy at the Festival de l’Epau ...), and he releases two records respectively for Universal and Decca Timpani.

Dorian Lamotte plays a 1715 violin by Master Luthier Jacques Bocquay.

Prokofiev solo violin sonata - 2nd movement by Dorian Lamotte

Dorian Lamotte performs the andante dolce of the solo violin sonata op.115 by Serguei Prokofiev. 

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