Jul 31, 2011

Morten Faerestrand

The story is familiar: Young boy get’s guitar, gets totally addicted to music, practices ten hours a day on the style of his choice, gets incredible good and breaks into the music industry with a bullet in his early twenties. 
That is not the story of Morten Faerestrand
Though there are similarities, most importantly in the uncompromising dedication during his younger years, while most players take the high way to get where they want fast, Morten definitely took the scenic route. 
During the 17 years he has been playing professionally, the musical detours he has taken on his way home are countless, not always even including him playing the guitar. He has been writing and producing top 40 style pop, Hip Hop, R&B, soft jazz and metal, been playing in theater and musical shows, gone on tour with funny hats and costumes to entertain children, been part of songwriting teams, played in pubs, played in concert halls (with and without symphonic orchestras), played a LOT in jazz duos with virtuoso singers, done heavy metal tributes to Madonna, produced soft jazz versions of Guns’n’Roses songs, thought guitar in universities and on oil rigs, played on records with both Norwegian Idol winners and legends with 30 year long careers, and last but not least – worked as an aerobics instructor and strength training coach (spawning an interest in, ahem, German techno.)
Always eager to create
Morten started programming sequencers long before the luxury of having them on computers. Hundreds of songs were created on Roland D-20, Ensoniq workstations, Alesis drum machines and Fostex porta-studios. In short, any possibility to create music was explored, any style of music were interesting.
Eclectic by nature
It is not likely that Morten will ever land in one particular style of music, but as a guitarist it seems like in some way he has come home. Having spent the last few years consciously putting the experience from all his musical tours and detours in the melting pot, he has created a unique voice on the guitar. His sound, his way to phrase and the melodic content in his improvisations are instantly recognizable, and you get the feeling that this is a musician with a story to tell. A musician not mimicking any of the icons, but with a fresh approach to the concept of modern jazz guitar.

Having taken the long way home, Morten is well rounded, but hungrier than ever, ready to share his music with the world.

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