Jul 22, 2011

Devin Thomas

Another Devin Thomas?

Yes there is another musician named Devin Thomas who has uploaded his material to iTunes and Amazon causing some confusion. Our music on the other hand can not be confused. To make sure your downloading the right thing please make sure you look at the cover artwork as mine clearly has pictures of myself.

Thank You

Free MP3 Downloads @ the store page

Like it says! Some demo MP3's are available for download free off the store page! Why am I giving these away? Well since my album is coming out right away I thought I would give a little new years gift to all those who have hung in there. I know it’s been a long wait! I appreciate everything.
There is not a blueprint for writing music. In fact, one of the great things about music is that you can do anything you want. But the difference between music and really great music is how it affects the people who are listening to it.

As a musician I have always tried to write my music in a way that people can relate to it, and come back to it time after time when they need to relate again. I think that music should move you, not saying you need to get up and start dancing but instead just making you see things about your life you might not have seen before. I started doing music as a way to deal with my life and now it has become a way that other people can deal with theirs.

To me... that's all that matters

Devin Thomas All Of You 


Video by Devin Thomas performing all Of you off upcoming album