Jul 29, 2011

Allison Treml

Allison Treml (LyricistSA) is an up and coming all-round South African lyricist yet to be discovered. Writing lyrics since the age of 14, she soon realized her passion for writing and quickly passed the mark of 1k songs. 

Her writing career began in 2009 when she collaborated with South African singer/songwriter Cobus Van Der Walt to which the public’s response was all positive. Since then her current collaborations include Pavlos Karmis (Greece), Charlie Pidcock (United Kingdom), Connie Friedman (South Africa) and Michael Turner (United States).

Allison works hard on a daily basis to maintain and grow her fan base. On the Reverberation charts she holds 2nd position amongst big South African names such as Snotkop, Garth Taylor and Melanie Lowe and on You tube she has been ranked #3 most subscribed (All time) in South Africa overtaking the famous Hip-hop music duo Locnville. 

Her big dream is to become a professional lyricist, to have her lyrics touch millions of hearts world-wide and change lives. Should she get the opportunity to live out her dream, she plans to help all sides of the community in any way that she possibly can!!

Because I Love You (Music Video)

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