Jun 24, 2011

Sølvin Refvik

Sølvin Refvik is a Norwegian guitar teacher and author of several music books.
When not busy teaching guitar and making music books (info: spilletrille.no), I play my guitars and write music in different moods inspired by nature (as in the titles Wind, Waves (check out Waves on YouTube), Breez and Falling Rain), people (Mirabella), and other impressions. Having also played a lot of the standard repertoire for classical guitar, my 'alibi' here on MySpace is the Fuge In C, written by J.S. Bach and Lagrima written by Francisco Tarrega. 
The music is played on a Godin Multiac Classical guitar (with L.R. Braggs pickup system). Nails are prepared with Maybelline Salon Manicure and Mikra P 1200 emery paper. :) Like This and Horizon are played on a Taylor 414-CE steel string guitar. 

I hope you will have as much fun listening to the music as I have had writing and playing these songs. 

If you need sheet music and want to play some of the songs in concert/on CD, please contact me. 

Through the years I have written a number of music books, including songbooks (the very popular serie Alle Tiders Sangbok), books for classroom teaching (Alle Tiders Musikk and SpilleTrilleBoka), and several guitar methods (Den Elektriske Gitarboka and Gitarboka mi!). 

The music in the guitar methods include exercises (different techniques like blues and rock scales and etudes, modern style exercises like sweeping and shredding), and songs from the standard repertoire along with my own arrangements and compositions in different styles like jazz, pop, folk tunes etc.

As mentioned above, you can find more information about my books at http://spilletrille.no/ and http://www.notebutikken.no/


Lately is a guitar piece in Em, maybe with a little reminiscence of Francisco Tarrega's wonderful Lagrima; although the first and second part here is in the same key. (The second part of Lagrima, as we all know, is in E major.)

Music/tab not published.