May 18, 2011

Tankdrum by artist Chris

These tank drums are all handmade by us from unused propane tanks… we began making tank drums in 2007 after stumbling across Dennis Havlena’s page on how to make a propane tank hank drum (thank you Dennis !!) while researching the PanArt Hang… we began experimenting with different designs on various models of steel tanks and discovered what works and what doesn’t… our drums started off looking and sounding like most hank drums or steel tongue drums found on youtube, but we were not quite satisfied with this and began experimenting, collecting and compiling the ideas that would bring us closer to what is now known as a Tankdrum (our version of the “hank drum”)….our unique Tankdrum was born through understanding the acoustics of our medium and pinpointing the base resonant frequency of the raw propane tanks, and deciding which frequency arrangements compliment its vibrations best, our goal being to maximize the constructive interference of the notes to increase volume, sustain, and clarity… this understanding lead us to begin giving our tank drums a maximum heat treatment to temper the steel allowing rich overtones and harmonious atmospheric sounds….this understanding also lead to a center bass pad that serves as the root note of the drum, and acts as a passive speaker and active resonator to the perfectly arranged notes surrounding it…each notes individual placement on the tank, and the placement of the notes that surround it are critical to achieving the beautiful sounds that come from both our single side and our double side Tankdrums…. our team has several breakthrough discoveries in understanding this instrument that has taken it to new heights and has shown the world that the Tankdrum is a real musical instrument and is here to stay…. our Tankdrums come in many tunings and design configurations, we have double-side tank drums as well as mini tank drums…we enjoy making custom tank drums as well, and experimenting to further this beautiful gift of the universe… if you would like us to make you a Tankdrum   email me ,, and we can talk…

Tank Drum B17 - relaxation meditation instrument

A beautiful song played on a double-side B17 note Tankdrum...visit for to watch many different tankdrums be played..... this new instrument is perfect for chillin out or even meditation.... you will be seeing this newly invented instrument around, it was sent here by the universe to chill us all out...enjoy