Mar 29, 2011

Jenna Starar and Steven Starar

A love for music is essential in any musician and songwriter, and when it comes to musical passion Starar are as passionate as it gets. This sibling duo, Starar, have been lovers of music all their life and in her early teens, Jenna decided to teach herself guitar and Steven wanted to play drums. Now all they needed to complete their band was a bassist and keyboardist. So they took the positions themselves, Jenna was keen to play the keyboards and Steven was keen to play bass.

The songs are brought to life with Jenna's sweet soulful vocal qualities, and harmonies make each tune unforgettable. Starar are also songwriters who write instantly appealing songs with lyrics that show of knowledge, life and love. 

Starar - Do Rude? (Official Music Video)
Filmed September 2010. Official music video for Do Rude? by Starar. Won the Gold Auddy™ award at! - Like us on Facebook