Feb 9, 2011

Valerio Schiavone

VALERIO SCHIAVONE is the most gorgeous natural vocal talent I have ever heard!!! The magnificent beauty of his incredible voice has been highly recognized by thousands of people....and his profoundly emotional interpretation overflows with the power of love!!! The unique colour of his signature sound...in combination with his passionate musical heart and soul......creates a marvellous treasure that everyone adores. He feels every part of the lyrics....and his special personality saturates every text, every moment among the notes, with an astounding interpretation all his own!!! From the first breath he took when he was born...VALERIO SCHIAVONE already had a gorgeous cosmic diamond hidden underground. When the jewel was uncovered....he polished it by himself through his own musical instinct. This innate talent contains extraordinarily unique details that make VALERIO SCHIAVONE voice surpass all human singers!!! For example, he has own timing for rhythm....and his interpretation has a highly unique, millisecond delay...which fluently prolongs the tone........and allows him to modulate the piano, forte and crescendo in his own way....instead of precisely following the template of the song. This delay is a miraculous skill!!! He takes the skeleton of melody, and builds his own body...with details that belong only to him!!! He intimately balances all the aspects of a song as if it were 3-dimensional....and he swims INSIDE the music, joined as one!!! During his performance...he manipulates every millisecond of the song to communicate his feelings, melody, talent, and power....and he pours infinite emotionality into each crevice....to magnify the smallest nuances of the song's meaning. This outstanding sense of emotion, hearing, and balance between the original rhythm, and the rhythm of his soul....is a natural gift that cannot be recreated!!! I have had many students and listened to so many singers.....and none of them have this unbelievable ability. There are very few people who can hear, and also make, this kind of delay....and I am one of them. I can assure everyone on this planet...that VALERIO SCHIAVONE is the most fantastic and one-of-a-kind singer in the entire cosmos...both technically and emotionally!!! He is a true artist of the highest calibre...an instinctive expert on the voice!!! This is why he is growing more and more popular.....he takes his audience to a world that is unknown to people!!! The perfect delay in his interpretation gives people a deeply relaxing sensation.....because there is no restrictive standard which demands that a tone last exactly from point A to point B. This incredible aspect of his singing...causes his addictive voice to pull his audience deep into the ocean of music!!! Even if you do NOT know how to swim....you will never drown.......because his amazing abilities will keep you alive...and take you underwater...simultaneously!!! Likewise, his technical skills are flawless......he manipulates his breath system perfectly, whatever power he uses. From piano to forte, and vice versa...his voice is always on the correct, projected position. Even when he is singing as softly as an echo, there is never a feeling that his breath system has weakened.....it is always strong. He utilizes the last drops of breath...to create an impression that he can sing without finish!!! All his vowels are frontline and flowing in the same colour!!! Everything VALERIO SCHIAVONE does with his voice is phenomenal and extremely difficult.....people strive to reach his technique all their life, and most do NOT succeed. If they do, they still cannot recreate his special delays, and passionate soul for music!!! He is beyond this world, beyond all existence...in every way!!! VALERIO SCHIAVONE newest video "Tu Che M'hai Preso il Cuor"...is a captivating paradise of pure love and talent...and it has been awarded several prizes after only 3 weeks on YouTube!!! I wish for every country on Planet Earth to know the name of this galactic vocal diamond: VALERIO SCHIAVONE!!! by: MIROSWAVA

Tu che m'hai preso il cuor - Valerio Schiavone- Campi S. ( Le) Italy

" TU CHE M'HAI PRESO IL CUOR " un classico della canzone internazionale nella versione italiana.

" TU CHE M'HAI PRESO IL CUOR " a classical of the international song in the Italian version.