Feb 15, 2011

Daniele Pasquero, Omar Mrad, Giorgio Boffa - La Musica Di Pascal

High Tunes. At the beginning, we were there. Three musicians, the result of a combination of several coincidences, chemistry and choices. The band is composed of three Italian artists / songwriters with eclectic style, individually valued for the method, style and creative genius. it is the creativity to blend the three elements, in a trio.

Website: http://www.lamusicadipascal.it/ 

Band Members: Daniele Pasquero, guitarist and art composer created this collection of songs inspired by his passions, which include research and implementation of Synthetizer analog, fusion of styles and rhythms. 
Voice is Omar Mrad, lived in Paris, moved to Italy for love and music. He is the songwriter and wrote almost all of the lyrics. Other texts were written by the contemporary poet Ilaria Gaccetta. 

On double bass Giorgio Boffa, he played and arranged many songs

The Album Onirico is a collection of sophisticated music and eclectic songs. The Hightunes's music goes from electronics to the Parisian streets, flying over the cosmos to get closer to the divine. Into Onirico, sounds are the map of way forward. The collection of thirteen songs is dedicated to the people, and we chose to use several languages in singing, mainly Italian, English and French, sometimes together in the same spaces. The voice becomes an instrument, and the unknown, a secret decipherable.

ONIRICO - track 06 Hightunes album "onirico" [ advangarde modern composition -lmdp 2010 ]

Onirico is a dream, a journey between worlds and time. It's the moment of awakening and the desire to drive a missile Tomahawk GLCM throughout the galaxy.

It's 'the intimacy of our homes, which always we want to return after each departure.

It's the child who has grown up into us, while we are growing.

-Track 06 from Onirico Album -Hightunes 2011 by LMDP lamusicadipascal