Nov 22, 2010

Regina Swarn - Singer, Performer, Musician

Regina is one of the most diversed songwriters in the music business, if you get a chance to work with her (count it a blessing)! If you're a close friend you can call her by her nick name *Genie* (A FEW MORE NICK NAMES THAT REGINA USE IS) Regi & Retzie given to her by some of her good friends at Berock Radio.....

Besides speaking English, Regina also speaks both Italian & German fluently & perform songs also in both languages!

Regina is an ASCAP lyricist working in the industry. She's currently working with other artists as well as producers and musicians all over the world.

She's written over 200 songs & poems to date!! Writing music is her way of escape, how ever she feel or whatever happens in her life she put it in a song! Regina also write about other people if they inspire her!

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MY LOVE by (Regina Swarn)

A TRUE LOVE STORY - Inspired Vocals by Micheal Jackson, while singing this song i felt Micheal Jackson was with me in Spirit!!..(.MY LOVE) © ®

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