Nov 20, 2010

Brian Trudeau

I`ve been playing Guitar since I was thirteen. Over the years I`ve kind of alternated between playing Lead and Acoustic and songwrite in both styles. I like most types of music, but enjoy playing Rock and Acoustic most. I`ve been playing in bands since I was twenty-one, playing in Jackal, and Firebird in Reading where I lived for a few years, then Stagefright, and Cry Wolf in dozens of different incarnations. Recorded a couple albums (before CD) We had record company interest, management, a promoter and a UK tour was being booked, but the band split. Same old story. I then returned to Cornwall, where I reformed Cry Wolf and I also started going out doing acoustic material as Norfolk `n Good. I came down with M.E. some years ago and that knocked the band on the head. For the first time something stopped my songwriting and for 4 years I didn`t write a thing. Thank god, I`m coming out of it now, and the songs are flowing again. I`m in the process of putting together a band, and getting a publishing deal for my songs. For almost four years, I also did voluntary work doing music sessions in a centre for the physicaly and mentally handicapped, and that was an amazingly rewarding experience. That led to me working towards and gaining qualifications to work in Care as an NVQ Assessor before the ME/CFS reared it`s ugly head again. Still, little by little, I`m getting there...

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The Light, an original song by Brian Trudeau .avi

Brian Trudeau-playing The Light, the title track from his new CD, featuring 12 original songs, on acoustic guitar.

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