Sep 20, 2010

Pianist and Composer Peter Vamos

I grew up in Budapest Hungary and have been playing piano since the age of four. Growing up I studied classical music at the Franz Liszt Music Academy in Budapest. I also had one of the first rock bands in the communist countries of Eastern Europe. At the age of twenty three I escaped from the communist party of Hungary and came to the United States with nothing but the clothes I was wearing.

After coming to America I was accepted into the Juilliard School of Music with a full scholarship and graduated as a concert pianist and teacher.

After school I decided to get into the restaurant business and opened a few restaurants in Manhattan and then in Scottsdale Arizona. During that time I still was composing my music and played in Europe several times.

During the last few years I decided to get out of the restaurant business and instead make a living playing music again.

I hope that I can use the internet to share my music with the rest of the world and continue to compose songs that people love.

I now have two cd's of my original music available at

Also available on I-Tunes.

My other albums will be available soon.

"Miramar" Composed by Peter Vamos

Peter performs his original song written for a Broadway play and also the title of one of his cd's.