Aug 24, 2010

Mor Koren Schwartz

"My Galaxy" - Written and performed by Mor Koren Schwartz. Video by Cory Strassburger and Alain Vasquez.

My heart,

It waits by the door when you go away

I wish you'd stay
And I,

I patiently wait till the end of day

When you come back

And I,

I do as you wish just extend your hand

It's my command

You know,

I keep the secrets you tell held inside of me

It sets you free

To me,

You're love unconditionally

The map and the treasure, the key

An island of pleasure, the sea

My galaxy

The day,

It always begins when I disappear

I hear your tear

At night,

I crawl into bed leave the world behind

You're by my side

To me,

You're love...