Aug 24, 2010

Angela Parker

Angela Parker grew up in Leyton, East London with her mum and sister.

Angela has a great love of all kinds of music and a wide range of musical influences. These range from Motown, Blues and Folk and include artists Sam Cooke & Ella Fitzgerald

Angela has written several songs that include Rain, Movin’ On and Sometimes, which have received an excellent response from listeners. These songs were largely drawn from her own family and life experiences and the experiences of those around her.
Angela performs at several acoustic nights across Essex & London and is excited about the future.

‘I have performed on local radio and also secured performances at the popular Fordham Festival in Cambridge and the Chingford Music Festival, playing there for the last three years, these are great experiences and I just want to carry on!’.

Fans/listeners have recently told her that she’s an inspired performer with a beautiful singing voice and enchanting melodies.

Angela hopes you enjoy the music - E.P is on the way

Apart from being a talented singer/songwriter, Angela also has her own P.A system and takes bookings, singing songs from the 50’s to present. Please contact for more information.


If you'd like Angela to perform at a Singer/Songwriter night or Music Festival, please send her a message!

Alternatively, if you have her business card, please call or email. Thank you

Angela Parker singing her own song - Rain - at Great Bardfield Folk Club