Jun 24, 2010

Gerard Drozd

Gerard Drozd - born in Gliwice, Poland, is a versatile composer, arranger, guitarist, lecturer and teacher. As a composer has written more than 200 compositions for one or more guitars, for piano, voice etc.... Among his works are four Concertos with orchestra, Concerto "Carpe Diem" for guitar and string quartet, String quartets, 24 Preludes, 24 Preludes and Fugues for guitar, 24 Preludes and Fugues for piano, Sonatas, Suites, Chamber music, Soli Deo Gloria for soprano and guitar and much more. His music has been played by very well-known artists in USA, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Bolivia, Japan, Iran, Turkey, Morocco, Greece, Italy, Spain, Austria, France, Sweden, Germany, Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Belorussian and elsewhere. His compositions Adagio op.44 and Triptych op.102 are on the CD "Hemispheres" by Lily Afshar and his work Yiddish Impression op.107 is on the CD "Puentes" by Marcelo de la Puebla. Several of his compositions have been published in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Belorussian and Poland. The composer refers to his harmonic language as a "kaleidoscopic". His exquisite treatment of counterpoint and unexpected melodic elements are attractive features in his music. Musical critics say that he has an attractive, intelligent, interesting, and very personal musical language. Gerard Drozd is both creator and artistic director of the Gliwice International Guitar Festival. 

Edoardo Catemario plays Carpe Diem 1 mov (1st part)

Premiere of Carpe Diem op.121 by Gerard Drozd. Concerto for guitar and string quartet. First movement. Live recording in Gliwice, Poland, 29 November 2008. Edoardo Catemario - Silesian String Quartet.