Jan 18, 2010

Composer: Ip Chui Han Amy (isisip)

Ip Chui Han Amy (isisip) was born in Hong Kong. She started to play the piano around the age of 7 but she switched her focus to the electric guitar when she was a teenager, listening to the blues and heavy metal. After a while she developed musical interests in both classical music and jazz. Recently she has been listening a lot to some ethnic music. Her focus in recent years is the piano and composition.

Ip Chui Han Amy holds a bachelor of music degree from Berklee College of Music of Boston, USA., she also plays a few instruments besides piano. After devoted many years to music she released her first piano instrumental CD "My music collection" in August 2007. "My lonely road" is the first track on the album.

This piano music composition has been very popular on the internet and so is her new piece "The unfinished story", which is a Michael Nyman "the piano" type movie theme.

"Tears" is a song about the great painter Vincent Van Gogh. Every song on the album tells a different story, the best way to learn about the stories is by listening to the music and experience for yourself. Even if you are not a piano music fan, you will definitely find something in the music, "it is simply beautiful and elegant."

Recommended if you like: Yanni, Chopin, Ryuichi Sakamoto

Besides piano music, she can also compose many other styles of music including jazz, blues, latin, pop, electronica and vocal music.