Dec 31, 2009

Ricardo Chappe

Ricardo Chappe - My music is a non return music. It is natural for me to compose one way songs, like life itself, almost without repeating melodies. When I compose I feel as if I were looking at a fluent river going and going. My music sounds like you feel about it. The matter is that I don't compose the same style all the time. In 1 album you can listen so different instruments, rhythms and textures, that you would not believe that the same person composed it. I hope you'll enjoy it. What I highly enjoy is traduce all the textures, colors, sensations, all what it happens to me, changing moods and soul states. For me, variations are essential. I need to change materials, instruments, sounds and shapes. I'm talking about my art in general. Once my sculpture or music is traditional, but later I need to jump and break traditional shapes. My art is soft, aggressive, harmonious, disgusting, I always look for a final harmony. Since my childhood I had an inclination for drawing and music with certain success, as I stood out among friends and fellow students. I could never avoid arts, but this is not a judgment of value about my works. You can feel a strong necessity of working on art and not becoming a genius for that reason, though hard working and tenacity are very important for artistical development. I attended classes and displays of music and plastic arts when I was a child. I enjoyed listening to classical music until Elvis, The Beattles and Rock and roll attracted my attention during my adolescence. Fortunately I returned to classical music years ago and I have composed and edited some of my own. My favorite musicians are: Wagner, Chopin, Beethoven, Dvorak, Piazzola, Miles Davis, among many other music composers. My spirit is absolutely romantic. I share with Rousseau's ideas. My favorite writers, among others, are: Goethe, Hesse, Huxley, Borges, Espínola, García Marquez. And I never lost my taste for fine arts. In 1969 I started a trip for two years all over Europe and part of Asia (Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, India, Ceylon, that time, etc.), where I studied their music and art in general. I entered the Fine Arts School in Montevideo, Uruguay. Later on I settled down in Buenos Aires, Argentina, one of the most important cultural centers in the world. Here I attended courses of drawing and sculpture with great masters such as Pugia and Azcarate. I presented many personal and collective art shows. But my introverted personality, and a little anarchist, hinders me from entering the public relations. That's why I have always enjoyed composing my music for my own pleasure. The Internet permits me to publish my works. Nevertheless I have received several awards in different exhibitions. I am an artist of multiple qualities, not to say dispersed. Therefore I enjoy skipping from one technique to another very much. I have acted freely. I have lived art as an adventure and I continue doing it so.

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