May 29, 2009

Tony Reyes

Tony Reyes - I would like to tell you a bit about myself , I was born 52 years ago in Caribou, Maine, grew up in Texas and Oklahoma, at the age of 15 came back to Caribou.
My love for music came very early in my life when at the age of 5 I saw my mothers Melody Maker in the closet, I was always trying to have her let me play it but she never did. When she would leave I would go into her closet and take it out and put the strap around my neck. The guitar hung almost to the floor. When I was a little older I found an old beat up caustic in the barn under some hay, very hard to play but that was the beginning of my long journey into the world of music. I did finally get a guitar when I got back to Caribou, I worked the potato fields and saved my money for an electric I bought at a pawn shop. And so it begins to where I am today. Making my own music is my passion and always will be. I spend many days just working on my own stuff , mainly I work alone , I do all the instruments myself , I have collaborated with a myspace friend , Chaos Curbs on Dark Equinox and worked with local bands in my area.