Mar 17, 2016

Steve Laury

Born and raised in Vineland, NJ, Steve Laury picked up the guitar on a casual basis starting at the age of 9, but decided to seriously pursue the instrument, and a life in music, at 16. In his formative years, he found himself lured to the blues and the smooth groovin' guitar work of Wes Montgomery. 

On the advice of a friend, young Steve Laury moved to Los Angeles to begin his professional musical career and immediately began playing with such notable musicians as bassist, Nathan East. It didn’t take long for other west coast musicians to realize Steve’s talents and after meeting Carl Evans (keyboards) and Mark Hunter (bass) they launched the popular band Fattburger. As a founding member of the San Diego based band, Laury became a central figure for the ground-breaking group. He wrote many of their hit songs and through his guitar styling, helped the band to develop their unique sound and achieve unprecedented success. After 5 years and 5 successful albums, Laury left Fattburger to embark on a triumphant solo career. To date, Steve has released four successful CD’s and is currently working on his fifth. Nearly everything Laury has been involved with has received rave reviews from critics across the country.

Steve Laury, like Wes Montgomery, is a guitar players guitarist, getting all there is out of his instrument. In a single song, Steve will play octaves, single lines, straight comping, upfront empressario work and finesse it with a guitar question and answer period. As a composer and producer as well as performer, Laury operates in that rarefield air where composition, execution and spontaneity interact to produce truly satisfying music. He also has a rare ability to keep his diverse musical gifts in their proper perspective. Says Laury, “My whole approach to music is that it should be like a painting. The guitar sound and guitar soloing are always the focal point of that painting. But all the other things that go around it – the arrangement, bass line and everything else – must fit into that picture and embellish the focal point.”

And what a focal point it is! Steve’s guitar artistry and compositions have made him one of the most sought-after guitarists in the world today selling over half a million CD’s. Laury can do it all well. Whether performing a spirited interpretation of the work of the Jackson’s hit, “I’ll Be There” (Vineland Dreams CD), one of his own lush, lyrical masterpieces such as Jeananne (Passion CD) or the syncopated electric rhythms of Steppin’In (Keepin the Faith CD), Laury fulfills all the tastes in contemporary instrumental guitar.

The optimistic nature of his work reflects Steve’s outlook on life after recovering from T - cell Lymphoma, a form of cancer. “I’m in total remission. The illness put a lot of things in perspective in my life. I’m just real fortunate to be able to do what I do, to get out there and play the guitar.”

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and more hits:

"Keeping the Faith"
"Vineland Dreams"
"Stepping Out"

 Cara Mia · Steve Laury

Steve Laury Vol 3

Mar 16, 2016

Marlena Copado, my Niece
Marlena Copado, singer, songwriter, composer, musician, Christian and Gospel music

to listen to her music, click below CD image to be directed to the site.

Sep 14, 2015

Patrick Orlando

Ingegnere industriale di 29 anni, giramondo con la passione per la musica. Vivo a Novi lIgure e di recente ho finito di comporre il mio primo disco .. lo stile che cerco di proporre è quello New Age/musica contemporanea. 

Spero che vi piaccia e ringrazio Teresa per lo spazio. 

Mi trovate su Facebook/ Spotify/ Youtube ed Itunes cercando "Patrick Orlando Sensazioni".


I am an Industrial Engineer, my age 29 years, world traveler with a passion for music. I live in Novi Ligure and I recently finished composing my first record. The style I try to propose is that New Age / contemporary music.

You can find me on:

-Itunes by searching "Patrick Orlando Sensazioni"

Patrick Orlando - 01

I tuoi occhi (Video) - 

Album Sensazioni


Questa musica è dedicata a tutte le donne di ogni età e di ogni razza. Buon ascolto e seguitemi sui vari canali sopra elencati, oltre che ad iscrivermi sul mio canale!!

Album Sensazioni

1. I tuoi occhi
2. The last challenge
3. Insieme
4. Nascere e vivere
5. Oltre
6. The last challenge (A.Togneri cover)
7. La danza della solitudine
8. Partenza
9. Dreams
10. Addio
11. Women
12. Scacciapensieri
13. Ti raggiungerò
14. Whisper
15. Home

Nov 4, 2014

Nick Jones - Mr Instrumentalist

I am happy to be a part of this great video and CD cover by providing my art, music by Mr. Instrumentalist (AKA Nick Jones), CD Title: Tales in Sound, "click below image to follow the link",

Featuring the paintings of Teresa Dominici

Here's the first of a collection of compositions that I created when I was inspired by the beautiful paintings of Teresa Dominici. I call this one "La Bella Artista".
Teresa is an artist living in California and her acrylic paintings reflect on landscapes and scenic places around the world. I was blessed to have Teresa send me some of her magnificent paintings as she loves my music just as much as I love her paintings. My music is inspired by the beautiful landscapes so our art makes a great connection.

For Nick Jones, Mr. Instrumentalist, born in Wichita, Kansas and whisked away to Houston, Texas at the age of 2, Mr Instrumentalist considers himself a native from Houston. As a musician he is self taught and has a unique fingering style on the keys.

Mr Instrumentalist does all of the writing, cinematography, editing, graphics and narration and of course, the original music.

Sep 17, 2014

Apr 25, 2014

Francesco Santaniello

Cantautore, compositore, chitarrista, produttore e artista indipendente nato a Napoli il 18.12.1970. Vive a Bologna.

Nel ottobre del 2013 ha pubblicato il suo nuovo album Abbondanza con tre singoli estratti : Abbondanza , Buona Vita, Strega.

Francesco Santaniello, born in Naples, but lives in Bologna Italy.
Recently released his new CD entitled Abbondanza free downloads:

Watch my music video to my You tube channel and sign up.

Find me on:


Francesco Santaniello - Abbondanza 

(Abbondanza 2013)

Il vero creatore divino è dentro ciascuno di noi. E' colui che guida consapevolmente la sua vita e crea il suo destino. E' questa la grande alchimia; la vera magia.

Dall'album Abbondanza ( 2013 )
Testi e Musica Francesco Santaniello
Arrangiamenti Roberto Della Vecchia e Sergio De Angelis
Registrato e missato da Sergio De Angelis al Naradastudio Napoli
Riprese video e montaggio Valerio Pandolfi
Prodotto da Francesco Santaniello

Copyright Siae (2013)

Musicisti/ Musicians:
Francesco Santaniello voce e chitarra acustica
Roberto della Vecchia piano e tastiere
Mariano Barba batteria
Corrado Calignano basso
Pippo Seno chitarra acustica ed elettrica
Francesco Di Vicino cori
Sergio De Angelis percussioni

Buongiorno Signor Creatore
l'abbondanza si riversa nel cuore
La preghiera del mattino ?
Creatore tu del tuo destino
Ora il canale è aperto
bussa l'energia nel petto
l'energia dell'universo
luce manifesto

Invisibile sostanza

Alchimista Creatore il rancore si trasmuta in amore
Risvegliato illuminato come un Buddha silenzioso e centrato
Guaritore e servitore al servizio del Padre universale
Leggendario e luminare come un mago rinascimentale

Buongiorno Signor Guaritore
l'abbondanza si riversa all'umore
La poesia del mattino?
Creatore tu di questo destino
Scorre l'energia nel plesso
bussa l'energia nel centro
l'energia dell'universo
luce manifesto

Incredibile sostanza

Alchimista Creatore il rancore si trasmuta in amore
Risvegliato illuminato come un Buddha silenzioso e centrato
Guaritore e servitore al servizio del Padre universale
Leggendario e luminare come un mago rinascimentale

Alchimista Creatore
Risvegliato illuminato
Guaritore e servitore
Leggendario e luminare

Apr 13, 2014

The Shapes

The Shapes are an Italian Alternative Rock band that was formed in 2011, by Gabriella Ricciardi (lead vocals, keyboards), Marco Lo Franco (lead vocals, drums, rhythm guitar, keyboards), Alberto “Ruud” Tagliareni (Bass guitar, keyboards) and Gabriele Tagliareni (Lead Guitar, keyboards). The band originated in Palermo, Sicily. 

The group has released their first Ep called Tea Times Dreams ‘n Coffee Wishes in early 2012, that is a remake of some tracks of previous band of Ruud, M. Lo Franco and G.Tagliareni, called Anonymous Shapes. The band has been broadcast by several Italian and Britannic radio such as all.FM – Manchester and Krystal Radio – London). In Fall 2012 group has published three brand new singles called Cure, Heaven or Hell e Thank You, with a video clip of Daylight #2 (broadcast on  Mediaset Italia 2 channel, and some local TV station). 

The Shapes has also several positive reviews in Italian music blogs such as Rockit, Shiver Magazine and  Extra! Music Magazine. 

The Shapes - Time - Official Video

Pre-order the debut album "Gradation" featuring the song "Time" now on iTunes. Music video by Johnny Frames & The Shapes. ⓅⒸ 2014 The Shapes

Directed and edited by Johnny Frame alias Giovanni Cusimano

- YouTube - Johnmy Frame

- Vimeo - Johnmy Frame

Edited also by Alberto Tagliareni
Subject & Storyboard by The Shapes and Giovanni Cusimano

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▶ LISTEN IT on Spotify


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- Soundcloud


Jan 26, 2014

Didier Euzet - TERESA PAINTS 982

Didier Euzet, a friend and a wonderful composer/ musician,dedicated this song and video to me. I am very touched and honored"....
 Didier Euzet - TERESA PAINTS (982)

Music, arrangements and performance by Didier Euzet. (C) 2014 Dream Team Production Los Angeles : +1 (661) 285-7275, Recording to the French Riviera Studios : +1 (415) 830-3907 / +334 / +336 WWW.EUZET.COM / Recorded - ProTools and Reason / East West Quantum Leap CCC Platinium. Find this music to the Didier's Radio. The most relaxing and dreaming music ever ...